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Mason I-Corps Videos

1. Intro to I-Corps:

2. Invention to Innovation:

3. Why I-Corps:

4. The Process:

5. Secondary vs Primary Research:

6. Business Models:

7. Structured Data Collection:

8. Defining a Customer Segment: Beachhead:

9. Customer Types:

10. Customer Roles:

11. Defining a Customer Segment: Understanding Customer Priorities:

12. Workflow:

13. Defining a Value Proposition:

14. Testing Value Propositions:

15. Customer Discovery: Scheduling Interviews:

16. Customer discovery: Performing Interviews:

17. Conclusion:

Steve Blank’s and Other Videos

These short videos from Steve Blank provide helpful tips and examples for preparing for your customer interviews:

Pre-Planning Pt. 1:

Interviews Pt. 1:

Interviews Pt. 2:

Asking the Right Question:

Assuming you know what the customer wants:

Understanding the Problem (the right way):

Customers Lie:

The Distracted Customer:

Engaging the Customer:

Customer Empathy:

The User, the Buyer & the Saboteur:

Death by Demo 1:

Death by Demo 2:

For a more detailed explanation of Customer Development and the Lean Startup, here are some short videos of Steve Blank from the Kaufmann Founders School. 

NSF I-Corps Related Videos

The following videos also provide helpful tips on the customer discovery process.

You can sign up and register for an account to access the free Udacity online courses – “How to Build a Startup” (https://www.udacity.com/course/how-to-build-a-startup–ep245) and watch the following lectures: