NSF I-Corps Program

National Science Foundation Innovation Corps program – I-Corps

Established in 2011, the I-Corps program is designed to support the commercialization of deep technologies, which grow from discoveries in fundamental science and engineering.

Since its inception, more than 1,900 NSF I-Corps teams have participated in the program. 

This year’s five newly funded I-Corps Hubs will join the five hubs funded last year to serve national needs through the following areas of responsibility:

  • Create and implement tools, resources, and training activities that enhance the nation’s innovation capacity
  • Identify, develop, and support promising research that can generate economic value
  • Gather, analyze, evaluate, and utilize the data and insights resulting from the experiences of those participating in local, regional, and national I-Corps programs
  • Provide opportunities to diverse communities of innovators
  • Share and leverage effective innovation practices on a national scale to improve the quality of life throughout the nation